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III PIP Caravan

III PIP Caravan

The third PIP Caravan gathering was held at hotel “Tami Residence” in Niš, on 4th April 2019.

The Caravan brought together a large number of our present and prospective clients. They were given the opportunity to attend presentations on current topics from bakery industry, and to get to know our wide range of products better through presentations and tasting events.

One of the key topics in Niš, presented by Mr Saša Tanović, head of technology and development, was how to preserve the freshness of bakery products, the topic of interest to most bakers. Mixes and their implementation possibilities were presented by the technologist promoter, Mr Žarko Jelenić. Special guests of this Caravan were prof. Ivica Stančić from the Agriculture and Food College of Applied Studies and prof. Miodrag Lazić, from the Faculty of Technology from Leskovac.