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IV PIP Caravan

IV PIP Caravan

The fourth PIP Caravan was held on 30th May 2019 at the “Miznah Resort” hotel, within the tourist congress centre “Zobnatica” near Bačka Topola.

As in previous caravans, the welcome speech was given by the general manager of PIP, Mr Rodoljub Ivković, while Mr Saša Tanović, head of technology and development, spoke about the freshness of bakery products. The guest speaker was Mr Žarko Stanojlović, the manager of retail bakery chain “Skroz Dobra Pekara”, who spoke about business operations analysis and key aspects of profit.

Mr Žarko Jelenić, the technologist at PIP talked about the possibilities and applications of mixes produced by the PIP Company. The sales analyst at PIP, Mr Igor Rebić, emphasised that “the Caravan is our greatest accomplishment which shows our attitude towards buyers. It brings together a large number of our present and prospective clients both from domestic and foreign markets, who are informed about our new products, the latest achievements in bakery industry and accomplishments of the PIP Ltd. As a part of marketing strategy the PIP Caravan also represents a driving force of bakery industry which is striving to improve its own production programme, foster innovations and develop corporate identity in order to offer its clients top quality products.