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PIP at the 4th MLINPEK EXPO Fair

At the 24th Milling and Baking Days, held within the 4th MLINPEK EXPO fair at the Master Congress Centre of the Novi Sad Fair, the head of laboratory, Ms Nikolina Mandić, had a lecture on the following topic:

Additive free bread – alternatives for application of additives in bakery products

Considering new trends in nutrition, one of which is “additive free products“, potential substitutes for additives in bakery products were presented.

Additives are added to food products to obtain uniform quality of products with the best sensor characteristics, expand the product range, extend the shelf life and similar. New trends, consumer awareness, health concerns and pursuit for “natural“ products, have led to avoidance of food additives by consumers. More than ever before consumers read the labels and product ingredients. The Clean Label trend has not passed bakery products by. Following this trend, producers of improvers and mixers in bakery industry have been creating their own products based on additive free raw material, and they can also be replaced. Some of the raw materials which have been successfully used as a substitute for additives in bakery products are: soluble and insoluble fibre, plant extracts, sourdough, enzymes. It is a challenge, though, for mix producers and bakers to produce a bakery product which will meet the consumer expectations quality-wise and at the same time be additive free.

PIP Ltd has added improvers and mixes without E-numbers, that is, clean label products, to its product range. These products include: PIP Natural improver and Triumf Prevent, Raža CL and Milky mix CL mixes.