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V PIP Caravan

V PIP Caravan

The fifth PIP Caravan was held in Belgrade on 18th October 2001 in the Tulip Inn hotel.

The fifth anniversary, which we are particularly proud of, was marked by a new concept and introduction of PIP DIVISIONS – new energy on the bakery market aimed at encouraging clients to diversify and improve their product range! PIP’s “clean label” products, products without E-numbers, arouse great interest in public.

All the guests had an opportunity to attend lecturers by distinguished speakers on interesting topics:

dr Olivera Šimurina from the Institute of Food Technology from Novi Sad, had a lecture on the importance of improvers without the E-numbers, Mr Saša Tanović, head of development technology in PIP Novi Sad, spoke about the quality of 2019 wheat flour, while Mr Žarko Galetin, an agricultural economics analyst, spoke about wheat market analysis.

We would like to thank all our guests for honouring us with their presence! We are looking forward to our next meeting, and until then we promise to continue to work hard on the development of even better and higher quality products!